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Please note that Meeting Area will be different this year.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding your trip to Iceland for Vestnorden.

Supplier Meeting Area Information

Each of the three countries will be allocated a meeting area where each company will be provided with a table and chairs.

Each supplier will be clearly marked within the meeting area. In front of the area and at the Vestnorden website there will be a clear map and instructions for the buyers.


There will be free Wi-fi in the hall and in each meeting area.

Photos and more information

To Be Added soon.

Furniture setup

Meeting Table +1: 1 table and 2 chairs
Meeting Table +2: 1 table and 4 chairs
Meeting Table +3: 2 tables and 6 chairs
Meeting Table +4: 2 table and 8 chairs

Size of each meeting table is 120 x 50 cm

On some levels, Vestnorden 2023 will be different from previous years. Our goal is to make the Vestnorden Travel Trade Show more open, more influential and more eco-friendly while at the same time maintaining equal setting for suppliers in the meeting area. To enhance the experience, Vestnorden 2023 will offer a show room, coffee bar equipped with gigantic screens showing footage from each of the countries.

Vestnorden 2023 meeting areas will be split up in three zones (size of each zone is determined by how many suppliers will be attending from each country and Iceland will be split up in areas for each part of the country). Each supplier will get tables and chairs which will be clearly marked with the logo of each supplier and a number. In this meeting area each of the suppliers will host their meetings like they have done in previous years. This setup is more eco-friendly with less print for each booth. Instead, each meeting area will use digital signage mixed in with themed backdrops for each area.

In front of each county’s meeting area will be a welcome desk where buyers can get information on where each supplier has set up their meeting area. Buyers can also see the setup on the Vestnorden 2023 website.

Suppliers can also meet the buyers more casually on the show floor, where several areas with high tables will be set up.

Each supplier will be given a specific number within their section of the meeting area. This number along with a company logo will be clearly marked in each suppliers meeting area. Buyers can also find this information on the website.

Suppliers can bring cloths for the tables in the meeting area.

To be able to keep our goal of maintaining equal setting for suppliers in the meeting area. Suppliers are not allowed to set up roll-up banners in the meeting area.

At Vestnorden 2023 there will be a Show room where suppliers can purchase their own space and set up a booth to present their operation for the buyers. Suppliers can set up their booth any way they want, for example show videos, bring props, give away samples, present certain products etc.

The goal with the Show room is to make enhance Vestnorden and make it more influential and vivid.

More information on the Show room will be released soon.

You can book your space in the registration process. You can also send an email with your requirements to

You can order space in following sizes, 4m2, 6m2, 8m2, 10m2, 12m2, 14m2, 16m2, 18m2, 20m2.

Minimum order is 4m2 which is total of EUR 800. Extra m2 costs EUR 200.

  • Free cancellation until 27 September
  • After 27 September – NO refund.

Cancellation can only be done by email to

Suppliers are welcome to share spaces on Show room floor.

When you purchase a space on the Show room floor, you will get access to electricity. If you need assistance in building your booth at the venu we recommend using the company Recon (, they specialize in booth building.

Suppliers are welcome to have staff in their booth during the show days. The Show room space is not intended for meetings, but the staff can welcome buyers to the booth to give more information on the business and show in more details your operation.

Staff will have access to coffee and lunch. Staff will not have access to Vestnorden 2023 social program.

Number of staff members depends on the size of the booth.

Booth size                                Number of staff
4m2 – 8m2                               1
8m2 – 12m2                             2
12m2 – 16m2                           3

You can serve food and drinks at your booth and give samples to the buyers. Suppliers are not allowed to serve alcohol at the booth until after 15:00.

Some guests at Vestnorden 2023 could have allergies so we cannot allow live animals in the Show room area. If you wish to display live animals please send an email to and we might be able to set up an area outside.

The meeting area and the Show room will be in the same area. There will be 3 meeting areas, one for each country. The meeting rooms will be in the edges of the show room area. In the middle you will have the Show room and the coffee bar.

All payments must be made with either debit or credit card. Unfortunately, we cannot offer bank transfer for the payments.

If you are having problems paying the registration fee with your credit or debit card, we kindly ask that you contact your card issuer as the problem quite often lies with their restrictions.

For name changes please make sure to do so 3 weeks prior to the show.

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