North Atlantic Tourism Association

What is NATA?

NATA (North Atlantic Tourism Association) is an organization that promotes and supports cooperation in tourism for the West Nordic countries: Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. NATA provides opportunities and grants for collaborations, joint ventures and cultural exchanges within the region.

NATA’s vision

  • To promote the West Nordic countries as a tourist destination
  • To encourage coordinated marketing of the region
  • To offer grants and travel support for projects that express our vision
  • To help improve the quality of tourist services in the region
  • To build partnerships between the participating countries
  • To promote knowledge sharing, product development and innovation

NATA offers grants in two different areas, which are:

  • Tourism development and marketing
  • Travel support for school groups, sports organizations and cultural exchanges

Find out more about our grants and how to apply on NATA’s website.


NATA is the main host of Vestnorden, the annual trade show for the tourism in the West Nordic region. Vestnorden has been the main platform for promoting this astonishing region as a tourist destination since its establishment in 1986. Responsibility for holding the event rotates between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

NATA history
NATA was founded in 2006. NATA is a merger of the former organizations:

  • VNTB (Vestnorden Tourist Board)
  • SAMIK (a tourist collaboration between Greenland and Iceland)
  • FITUR (a collaboration between Iceland and Faroe Icelands)

Since 2011, NATA has had its administrative headquarters in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands.

Learn more by visiting NATA’s website.

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