Exhibitor Booth Information

There will be 2 sizes of booths available, a booth for 1 Exhibitor and a booth for 2 Exhibitors.

All booths have a backwall that is illuminated from the inside with tension fabric print,  an electrical plug, table, chairs, as well as free Wi-Fi.

1 person booth:
Furniture:  1 person has a table and 2 chairs
Print Size:    Each exhibitor must submit a graphic for the backwall that  is  1258 mm wide and  2483 mm in height.

2 persons booth:
Furniture:  2 persons have a table and 4 chairs
Print Size:  Each exhibitor must submit a graphics for the backwall, that is 1748mm wide and 2483 mm in height.

Printing and information on the booths

Printing for the booth is included in the booth price. Booths are provided by RECON.  Please send your illustrations to them before 1 September 2020 for them to be ready for the setup.

Any print files that are sent after 1 September 2020 will be charged an extra 25% for print cost. Any print files sent after 15 September will be charged an extra 50% for print cost.

When submitting your print file please make sure to send it as a high res PDF with no less than 100dpi.

Registration is now open

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