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Greenland is the world’s largest island and it is an exciting destination in the Arctic for all adventure minded travelers

This phenomenon is a source of great interest to many of us living here in Greenland. We keep an eye out for the northern lights through online forecasts, follow live updates of how the northern lights are spreading across the Arctic, take lots of photos with great enthusiasm, and love to take our guests out in the dead of night to view the sky.

Dog sledding in Greenland has been a mode of transportation and hunting for approximately 5000 years. Recently, it has also become a leisure activity for Greenlanders and tourists.

We are often called hospitable, cheerful and kind, but even if such universal traits will shape your experience of Greenlanders, we might be better characterized as adaptable, full of wanderlust, and culturally diverse. Meet us here.

Set sail on a whale watching tour to spot humpback whales, fin whales and minke whales frolicking and feasting in Greenland’s waters during their own summer holidays.

Greenlanders once used icebergs to distinguish the seasons and even to identify towns – a testament to their steadfast presence and to the intertwined quality of Greenlandic culture with our country’s powerful nature. Media stress that the ice in Greenland is melting, and while this is absolutely true, as long as the Greenland Ice Sheet exists, icebergs of all shapes and sizes will fill these Arctic waters.


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