B2B Meetings

General Information

Admission to Vestnorden is for registered participants only.
On-site registration is not possible, and it is not possible to buy guest tickets.

B2B meetings / Appointments
Business at Vestnorden is based on pre-arranged appointments. The appointments are arranged mainly by requests of the Buyers, supplemented by requests from the Exhibitors. There are a total of 27 appointments possible per company with 1 participant and 2 x 27 appointments per company with 2 participants during the Vestnorden. Each appointment lasts 18 minutes. All Buyers are obliged to fill their appointment list with appointments with the Exhibitors. The appointment schedule cannot be blocked.

B2B Meetings – What are they?
B2B meetings are pre-arranged, targeted appointments, dedicated to facilitating Buyers and Exhibitors to meet. B2B meetings are a simple, efficient, and proactive way of working.
By targeting the right participants at Vestnorden, our B2B meetings help you to maximize the impact of your participation and increase your chances of making high-quality business connections.
Through our interactive booking platform, registered participants will be able to pick out relevant contacts and request meetings in advance. Individual meeting schedules will then be designed according to each participant’s choices.
Each participant has a maximum of 27 B2B meetings.

How to sign up
Introduce your company by filling in the Product & Market Manual form during your registration. Ensure you include your general information, development focus, current projects, and main interests.
Using the B2B meetings platform, select the contacts you wish to meet, indicate your availabilities on your schedule and validate requests from companies wishing to meet you. You will receive your personalised targeted schedule during the week leading up to the show.

When to sign up
The appointments system will open for Buyers beginning of September and approx. one week later for Exhibitors.

All participants will receive an email notification when the system opens for bookings. Guidelines on how to use the system and book meetings will be included in the email notifications.

Registration for Iceland opens May 4, 2023

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